About Us

Cultural Premise

We shall not treat people as resources or markets but as intelligent, creative and sentient beings who create value by their very existence.


To create value for our enterprise by utilising technology that benefits humans.


To provide a seamless and sentient ecosystem as a complete Solutions Platform as a Service (SPaaS) called ManUsIA™ incorporating current and future technological innovations.


To stimulate creativity in people so that they may realise their true potential.

Our Services

RC Buminiaga Sdn Bhd

RC Buminiaga has been developing user friendly solutions, iPlantations, a stalwart in the palm oil industry. Since then, for the last 20 years RC Buminiaga has spread its wings across Malaysia and Indonesia by providing similar solutions for diversified industries. Recently we have developed mobile solutions and BI solutions, control and ERP Systems for a various spectrum of industries.

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Global Aero Services Sdn Bhd

Global Aero Services, a shared services aircraft ownership company that offers aircraft management, operations, ground support and logistics support. It is also involved in airfield construction. We provide consultation and advisory services for the government, private sector and individual entities.

UAS and Robotics Academy (M) Sdn Bhd

UAS and Robotics Academy was set up by a group of Malaysian autonomous flight experts with extensive experience in the aviation and aerospace industry. It provides theoretical and practical training of autonomous UAS in both large and small fixed and rotary wing UAVs.

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Adroit College

Adroit College is in the forefront of providing training and academic knowledge to students, and working adults.The holistic approach of producing quality graduates with strong character begins here as we inculcate ethical personalities.

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Saffron Systems

Is the Research and Development arm of the Kambyan Network. We carry out cutting edge research in the fields of robotics, unmanned aerial systems. Established both in Malaysia and Singapore.

Saffron Info Systems

Saffron Info Systems an MSC Status Company made its mark by creating a niche in the real estate sector with its flagship solutions; the Electronic Property Valuation System (ePVS). Currently the solutions are being converted into the digital ledger technology as a comprehensive asset management system.

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Upcoming Events

Lima '19

March 26 - 30, 2019


Commanding results since 1991, LIMA is one of the most influential shows within the maritime and aerospace industries.

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Unmanned Systems Asia

April 9 - 11, 2019


Cutting edge innovations in the industry's fastest growing markets, across a wide spectrum of commercial and defence applications in aerial, ground, surface and underwater domains.

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Our Partners