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Kambyan Network to launch a major disruptive humanised ai platform at lima '19

Langkawi, Malaysia - March 25th, 2019 - Technology Consortium the Kambyan Network is set to launch a totally disruptive AI platform, aimed to vastly strengthen and benchmark Malaysia’s ability to thrive in the Robotic Process Automation by extending it to Field Operations.

With advancements in technology, many monotonous or dangerous jobs typically performed by humans are being automated. The growing international competition in a variety of industries creates increased pressure to automate. Although the practice is gaining greater mainstream acceptance. the cost of doing so still remains prohibitive to many Small and Medium Enterprises (SME).

Enter ManUsIA™ (Man Using Intelligent Applications), a breakthrough technology that is poised to transform the nation’s industries both large and small. ManUsIA™ through its advanced algorithms constantly learns and evolves as a sentient solution platform as well as creates the required solutions to manipulate Managed Information Objects (MIO) that are connected to it. By humanising Artificial Intelligence this way, the ManUsIA™platform allows anyone to connect any intelligent machine or application that will in turn enhance our daily lives.

Kambyan Network the creator and initiator of ManUsIA™ through its subsidiaries Saffron Systems, RC Bumi Niaga, Adroit College, Global Aero Services and UAS & Robotics Academy; has embarked on the journey to bring Malaysia to the forefront of Artificial Intelligence evolution through the development, maintenance and education of these emerging professions and skills. These activities are designed to make Malaysia a cutting edge industrial technology, educational and developmental hub.

Witness how the latest advancements in sentient humanised AI automation will shape the future of our nation’s economy and “job-scape” at the launch. Join our Group Executive Director Capt. Sudhir who shall explain how this emerging and unique technology will disrupt existing businesses as well as create new opportunities for those willing and able to adapt fast to these evolutions.

Where: Lima '19 Exhibition (MIEC).

Booth: Hall A, A334

When: 11:30 to 12:15 28th March, 2019