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Changi Exhibition Centre, Singapore
– 10th April 2019 –

A historic moment for Kambyan Network and Saffron Systems Pte Ltd. at the Langkawi International Martime and Aerospace exhibition (LIMA 2019) where they demonstrated their laser-cutting drone technology in the autonomous harvesting process which will take the world to a new era in technology. Now Saffron Systems Pte Ltd. in Singapore is embarking on a new journey to establish a global expansion that includes the Middle East which will be initiated at the Unmanned Systems Asia 2019 Exhibition where cutting-edge innovations are presented by the industry’s fastest growing markets, across a wide spectrum of commercial and defense applications in aerial, ground, surface and underwater domains.

With advancements in technology, many monotonous and dangerous jobs typically performed by humans will become automated. The growing international competition in a variety of industries creates an increased pressure to automate. Although the practice is gaining greater mainstream acceptance, the cost of doing so remains prohibitive to many Small and Medium Enterprises (SME).

This is where the Kambyan Network and its network partner Saffron System created ManUsIA™ (Man Using Intelligent Applications), a breakthrough technology, is poised to transform the global industries both large and small. The platform’s advanced algorithms constantly learns and evolves as a sentient solution platform to bring solutions that connect Managed Information Objects (MIO) that reside on the network with people. The ManUsIA™ platform will allow anyone to connect any intelligent machine or application that will in turn enhance our daily lives. ManUsIA™ provides data analysis that gives users informed decisions, so it can do the right tasks at the right time that directly impacts their cost management.

Witness how the latest advancements in sentient AI automation will shape the future of the global economy and job scope at a global level . Join our Group Executive Director Capt. Sudhir for his Saffron Systems Pte Ltd. tech talk; “Manned to Unmanned Autonomous Systems – Man Using Intelligent Applications (ManUsIA™)” on Wednesday 10th April 2019, to explain how this emerging and unique technology will disrupt existing businesses as well as create new opportunities for those willing and able to adapt fast to these evolutions. And don’t miss the Group Engineering Director and CEO of Saffron Systems Pte Ltd Mr. David Cirulli’s talk on “Artificial Intelligence Diagnostic Dilemma” on Thursday 11th April 2019 in the Unmanned Systems Asia 2019.

Where: Changi Exhibition Centre, Singapore

Booth: E10

When: 1:30 – 2:00pm